Kaid Syrah, a real sicilian wine

Kaid Syrah, a real sicilian wine

(Posted by Montenapoleone, March 2005)

Kaid Syrah, a wine produced by the Alessandro winery of Camporeale, traces its origins to the finest Sicilian winemaking tradition, but it is only in the 100s that this wine took the huge leap towards very high quality production.

The Alessandros, that is to say Rosolino, Antonino and Natale decided to radically overhaul the production process so as to boos quality that has now for surpassed quantity as the focus of production.

Volumes have been halved: the introduction of vineyards planted using the lowespalier training style with a low yield per hectare has brought led to a drop in production from 130 quintals per hectare to just 65.

Even the slightly coarse and wild character of this wine has been tamed and softened by aging for 10 months in Allier oak barrels. And so, in less than ten years, the Alessandros developed a wine that held all the flavours and warmth of Sicily and that can rival the most famous labels of central and northen Italy.

The wine-maker Aldo Bussi, the real link between the Alessandros and the complex market for high quality wines, played a decisive role with regard to the aging of the Kaid.