KAID | Late Harvest

From the superb Syrah vineyards, Alessandro’s family has only selected 1.5 hectares of land dedicated to an innovative and outstanding production. “Late Harvest” is the result of this entrepreneurial effort, in which, tradition and innovative wine-making have been combined to perfection.


late harvest – DOC Sicilia – BIO



100% Syrah





14 – 16°C



small, slightly paunchy glass, cognac style



happy combination with finest dark chocolate

Silky, harmonious, of rare elegance, it fully expresses the wonderful Sicilian land. A “pearl” that captivates for its exquisite refinement and its extraordinarily pleasant taste.

 particularly intense and deep ruby-red, enriched with brilliant and lively notes.

AdC_olfatto@2x an authentic kaleidoscope of soft and refined notes of blackcurrants, wild cherries in alcohol, plain chocolate, tobacco, cloves, black pepper, Mediterranean shrubs, all of which bring this unique bouquet to life.

AdC_palato@2x slightly sweet, with a generous taste of extraordinary long-lasting complexity, Late Harvest Kaid is a wine which readily reveals its subtle but exceptional character, inciting the taster with its innate and unparalleled qualities.

Kaid Vendemmia Tardiva 2021

  • 5 Grappoli – Bibenda 2023
  • 92 Punti – Vinous
  • 92 Punti – Falstaff Sizilien Trophy


Kaid Vendemmia Tardiva 2019

  • 5 Grappoli – Bibenda
  • Silver Medal – Syrah du Monde
  • Foglia d’Oro – Guida Vini Bio
  • 90 Points – Falstaff Vini Dolci Italiani Trophy


Kaid Vendemmia Tardiva 2017

  • Oscar Best Sweet Wine of the Year 2019 – Bibenda
  • 5 Grappoli – Bibenda
  • 94 Points – Vinous
  • 92 Points – Falstaff

Kaid Vendemmia Tardiva 2016

  • 90 Points – Vinous


Kaid Vendemmia Tardiva 2015

  • 5 Grappoli – Bibenda
  • 92 Points – Vinous


Kaid Vendemmia Tardiva 2014

  • 5 Grappoli – Bibenda
  • 90 Points – Luca Maroni Annuario dei migliori Vini Italiani

Soil composition | hilly, clay and calcareous, with medium presence of skeleton

Altitude | 350 meters above sea level

Age of vines | 2001, 2006, 2014

Production area | Contrada Mandranova in the Camporeale countryside

Training system | espalier training with spurred cordon pruning

No. of vines/hectare | 4.400

Yield/hectare |3.5 tonnes

Harvest period |second ten days of October with manual harvest and grape selection

Maceration | about 8 days in a temperature-controlled environment

Alcoholic fermentation | about 7 days at 23-26 °C in steel tanks, naturally stopped by cold temperatures

Ageing | 3 months in steel tanks

Bottle ageing | 6-8 months at controlled temperature (18 °C)